OMG…He Went to Vegas and Didn’t Call!

I was at the gym the other day and eavesdropping on a conversation that the woman next to me was having with her trainer. (I know, totally rude on my part – so shoot me!) She was going off about how her boyfriend went off to Vegas and forgot his phone – he was gone all weekend and didn’t even call her once – until he got home. She was pretty devastated. I did feel bad for her – until I heard the next line come out of her mouth… “But I really like him. So even though he NEVER forgets his phone- EVER! And I have a feeling he might have been there with another woman, I am going to just trust him and then tell him that that behavior just isn’t acceptable!”


I went from feeling sorry for her to kinda wanting to smack her back into reality! Now don’t get me wrong, I do know that people aren’t perfect. I have even forgotten my phone a time or two – but the thing is, if you are dealing with Mr. or Mrs. Right, they WANT to communicate with you. Even if it is just a quick call or text or e-mail or SOMETHING! From my perspective, they guy clearly isn’t “Into Her!”

According to the book, He’s Just Not that Into You, “100% of the men they polled said they’ve never been too busy to call a woman they were really into.”

So what does that mean for the poor gal at the gym (or anyone else who is in this situation)? It means this has NOTHING to do with you! You aren’t wrong, or broken or ugly or stupid. He isn’t either. It just means He (that specific guy) is just not that into you (this specific girl). That is it!

Show enough respect for both parties to choose to not be in a relationship where you both are totally into each other. If he isn’t that into you, and he doesn’t take the steps to end it, you don’t need to be a rude bitch about it, but you take the initiative and end it. There is nothing you can do to make him like you. Remember, dating is all about trying on different people for size. I get it – it does hurt, but instead of making excuses for him and trying to justify the relationship, take that energy and take care of yourself. Take yourself out to dinner and a movie. Give yourself a facial. Go get a massage. Read a good book. Get a new haircut. Heal your heart and move onto the next guy -and if he is a keeper, he will be looking forward to giving you a call!

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