About Us

I am so glad that you found www.DatingSurvivalInfo.com – that means that you are searching for advice on dating or how to make the dating process easier, more fun and more successful! My name is Tracy Fagan. To let you know a bit about me, I was involved in two “not so great” marriages that upon reflection had a lot of similarities. I wanted to get off of that crazy train and find a meaningful relationship that would eventually end in a fulfilling marriage. In order to do that, I spent some time with an amazing counselor to help me figure out my past mistakes and heal from the past wounds. Once I had worked through that stuff, my counselor mentioned the big “D-word”…DATING!!!

I was both scared and excited to start in the dating process!!

Throughout my journey I have learned some very profound lessons that have made the dating process interesting, empowering and well…to be honest, FUN!

I have learned a lot about online dating, online dating sites, writing an online dating profile, navigating first dates, establishing a “must have” list, experiencing great times and ending some “almost it” relationships.

Please enjoy some of my stories online, such as Integrity, Dating and Hemming a Pair of Pants and A First Date Tool So – You Aren’t a Tool!. I also have written a book, Gratitude, Giggles & Grace which will make you laugh, cry and inspire you to tackle the dating scene to find the person of your dreams.

I also offer date coaching. I would love to personally help you elevate yourself to a higher place that will allow you to not only attract Mr. or Mrs. Right into your life; but allow you to LOVE the ride getting there!

Thanks for coming to my site, and please contact me!