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How would it feel to wake up next to the partner of your dreams – living the life you have only dreamed of experiencing? And better yet, enjoying the road to getting to that place!

Hi there, I am Tracy Fagan. I personally have experienced two not so great marriages and I have since been on the journey to finding my Mr. Right. There are various different methods I have used to make my journey not only fun, but also attract some amazing people into my life.

I have even experienced and broken through the frustrations of dating such as:

  • Setting up a profile on online dating sites
  • Recovering from the “You are not going to believe what just happened!” kind of date
  • Looking at an empty inbox on your dating site while your friend is having trouble answering all of his or her e-mails
  • He is so close to what I am looking for…but I know if I stay I am settling
  • Internal feelings of “Will anyone really want to date me after…”
  • How do I even start writing an online dating profile?
  • Dating after Divorce – I keep finding men that remind me of my ex
  • It has been so long since I have done this…how do I date?

I am here to help you navigate this crazy maze of dating and help you to grow as a person in the process!